Registration Applications and Renewals

RPA Renewals

If you are already an RPA then you can renew your membership online on the following page: RPA Renewal.


Applicants for registration by the Register of Professional Archaeologists must use either

the long application form or the short application form.

Applicants should use the long application form unless the applicant can demonstrate that she/he:

      • Holds an advanced degree with a specialization in archaeology.
      • Has designed and executed an archaeological study that has been reported in the form 
        of a Master's thesis or Doctoral dissertation.
      • Accepts the responsibilities and standards described in the Code of Conduct,
        Standards of Research Performance,
        and Grievance Procedures of the Register
        of Professional Archaeologists.

If so, the applicant may complete and submit the short registration application form.


RPA Field School Guidelines
The Register of Professional Archaeologists Certifies Fields Schools as meeting the basic requirements for training future RPA's.
Underwater Field School Guidelines

Change of Information

If it is not time to renew and you wish to change your contact information, you may 
change your information online by logging in here:

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