RPA Awards History

Special Achievement Award:

Presented by the Register of Professional Archaeologists in recognition of a profound and meaningful contribution to the promotion of professionalism in archaeology. This award may be given to one or more individuals, one or more organizations, or a combination of individuals or organizations (Initial award 2005).

2005   State Archaeologist, Kevin T. Jones
2005   Utah Professional Archaeological Council
2006   Charles R. "Chip" McGimsey
2007   Ed Jelks
2008   Dr. William Lees
2009   Laurie Rush
2010   Willem Williams
2011   Paul R. Green
2012   The National Trust for Historic Preservation
2013   Jo Reese

Charles R. McGimsey III—Hester A. Davis Distinguished Service Award (McGimsey-Davis Distinguished Service Award):

Presented in recognition of the distinguished service of a Registered Professional Archaeologist to achieving the mission of the Register of Professional Archaeologists as evidenced by a single action or through a lifetime of elevated service (Initial award 2005).



Date   Recipients
2005   Charles R. McGimsey III
2005   Hester A. Davis
2006   William Lipe, Ph.D.
2007   Fred Wendorf, Jr.
2008   Dr. Don Fowler
2009   Lynne Sebastian
2010   Donald Weir
2011   Donald Hardesty, UNLV
2012   Michael (Sonny) Trimble
2013   T.J. Ferguson
2014   Dr. Thomas Emerson

Presidential Recognition Award

Granted at-will by the incumbent president for various reasons relating to service to the REGISTER or the professional and discipline of Archaeology.

Date   Recipient
2004   Edmond B. Jelks
2008   Chuck Niquette and Jeff Altschul
2011   Julie B. King

John F. Seiberling Award

SOPA established the John F. Seiberling Award in 1986 in the name of Ohio Congressman Seiberling, for his many legislative efforts in support of historic preservation. Seiberling himself received the first award. The award was intended to recognize significant and sustained efforts in the conservation of archeological resources by an individual or group.


Date   Recipient
1986   Hon. John F. Seiberling
1987   Larry D. Banks
1990   Fred Wendorf
1991   Robert L. Stevenson
1992   The Archaeological Conservancy
1992   Hon. Charles Bennett
1994   Hester A. Davis
1995   Hon. Wyche Fowler
1996   Loretta Newman
1997   The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
2010   Nellie Longsworth

SOPA's Distinguished Service Award

SOPA's Distinguished Service Award was established in 1989 and first bestowed in 1990. It was initially meant to honor long-term service to SOPA, but was later expanded to encompass service to the profession as a whole (largely through committee inattention to the original intent).


Date   Recipient
1990   Hester A. Davis
1991   Charles E. Cleland
1992   J. Ned Woodall
1993   Bennie Keel
1994   Edward B. Jelks
1995   Hon. Robert Gettleman
1996   Brian A. Fagan
1997   Richard D. Daugherty

SOPA's Special Achievement Award

SOPA's Special Achievement Award was also established in 1989 and first given out in 1990. The intent was to recognize good works in teaching, research, preservation, public service, etc. There could be one or more granted in a particular year, and in some cases the citation was for multiple individuals working together (like 1993's ARPA law enforcement training instructors).


Date   Recipient
1990   J. Barto Arnold III
1990   Martin McAllister
1991   John A. Walthall
1992   Charles M. Niquette
1993   Margaret Kimball Brown
1993   Sherry Hutt
1993   Elwood Jones
1993   Martin McAllister
1994   Thomas L. Sever
1995   Francis P. McManamom
1996   Peter A. Young
1997   Robert M. Thorne

SOPA began granting Emeritus Status and Life Membership in 1990 and thereafter bestowed it occasionally by board vote upon recommendation of the Awards Committee. [All but Jelks and McGinsey below are now deceased, but if a list of honorees is to be maintained in the board book or directory, it would be appropriate to list them with an asterisk indicating "deceased." 3/8/2007]

Date   Recipient
1990   James B. Griffin *
1990   Jesse Jennings *
1992   Irving B. Rouse *
1992   Edward B. Jelks
1996   John L. Cotter *
1996   Charles R. McGimsey III

SOPA Presidential Recognition Award


The SOPA Presidential Recognition Award was granted irregularly at the whim of each incumbent president for various reasons.

Date SOPA President Recipient
1995 Larry D. Banks William B. Lees
Mark J. Lynott
Michael J. Moratto
Vergil E. Noble
1996 Fred Wendorf Lisa M. Hill
Charles E. Cleland
Charles R. McGimsey




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